Xbox games With Gold: Free Games for October 2017



Well, it looks like it’s that time again. Coming in October for Xbox Live Gold members are Gone Home and The Turing Test on Xbox One. Taking a step back, the 360 will be receiving Rayman 3 HD alongside Medal of Honour: Airborne. Also, don’t forget those 360 titles will be compatible with the Xbox One via backwards compatibility, so make sure you jump on that.

The standout for me this month would have to be Gone Home. For anyone unfamiliar with the game, don’t waste time reading up on it, just jump in. It’s an excellent narrative experience from Fullbright, the people who made the also fantastic Tacoma.


Gone Home – XBox One / October 1-31

The Turing Test – Xbox One / October 16 – November 15

Rayman 3 HD – Xbox 360 / October 1 – 15

Medal of Honour: Airborne – Xbox 360 / October 16 – 31