World of Subways 3 – London Underground Circle Line – The Brief

Underground, Overground, Wombling free!

I am most disappointed to report that I did not see a single Womble in this game. This is very a very sad state of affairs for a game which is based on the London Underground. That said, you do get to drive London Underground trains, so that will have to do for now.


Calling this a game might be a little misleading. It is at its heart a simulator. It is quite a detailed, albeit buggy, version of the London Underground. The player gets to be a driver of one of these metallic dragons as they cruise under, and over, the streets of Greater London.

When stopped players are able to leave the cab of the train and explore the station (if you try to go further you will probably glitch through the floor or walls). Despite the errors I do find that leaving the cab is a lovely touch on the train simulator genre.  On a side note, I also found it frustrating that when on opening the game, that it refused to use my primary monitor.

The biggest issue I had was not with the graphical glitches, I can live with those for this style of game, but the controller issues. The default controls are poor to say the least, but it was the number of times that they just didn’t work that gave me cause for concern. In one game I could look out the window, the next I couldn’t at all. I would rather not shut people out of the train.

All that said, it actually did what it wanted to do and in the end, you drove the train. While I think that Train Simulator does do it better, I give this game credit for trying and creating a reasonable experience.


Julian has been involved in the games industry for more than a couple of years now, from working in retail to developing board games to judging Magic: the Gathering tournaments Australia wide. Now as a writer for OK Games he likes to explore niche titles that try to approach gaming from a different perspective. Now all he needs to do is start finishing all those games in his Steam Library...