Ticket to Ride – Review-in-Brief


I like my board games. You will have seen me talking about them quite a bit at in the past, which included delving into what physical board games had transitioned onto the digital plane. Many years ago now, Ticket to Ride, one of the best family board games ever made, took the plunge into the digital market, and this is how it plays.

Ticket to ride map of Europe

Imagine yourself as a train company, building a rail network spanning the length of Europe; moving passengers from one city to the next. Players draw tickets to indicate the destinations which they need to connect. In the screenshot above I am green and I need to connect Berlin to Bucharest. I do this by placing down trains and carriages using the cards I draw and choose. By playing cards of the same colour you are able to create lines between different towns. Naturally, some lines are a bit fussier than others as they require cards of a particular colour.

As you may think, this is a board game and they are best played with other people. I am pleased that Ticket to Ride has an active online community; it is super easy to jump into 2-4 player games at any time. This adaption is extremely well done. There are elements which I am not so pleased about (mainly the Days of Wonder  account stuff), but the heart of this game is just playing it as you would at home. If you are into something more relaxed, you are also able to play against AI, which seem to mirror the way normal people play. They never feel like they’re cheating.

If you are into board games then you would like Ticket to Ride, and this digital adaption is nothing less than what you get in the physical box. It is a good way to sit back, and spend a few minutes having fun in a world of trains.

Julian has been involved in the games industry for more than a couple of years now, from working in retail to developing board games to judging Magic: the Gathering tournaments Australia wide. Now as a writer for OK Games he likes to explore niche titles that try to approach gaming from a different perspective. Now all he needs to do is start finishing all those games in his Steam Library...