Marvel Heroes 2016 – The Brief

Want to play 52 pick-up?

Marvel demands a certain level of attention from everyone when it comes to both movies and games. Over the years they have spurted out a huge number of both with varying degrees of success. Some deserve to explore the depths of the rubbish bin while others have turned into good titles in their own right. I think the expectation of mediocrity was a good foundation from which to explore this game.



Marvel Heroes is a top down Diabloesque game set in the Marvel Universe. Players get to choose from a very extensive list of available characters. While all the characters are available from the start, they all carry a level 10 cap which can be cleared with either real money or in-game currency.

While there may be a great variety of characters, they all seem to have the same general skill designs. There is always a mobility, many types of AOE and a few melee and a few that are specific hero types of moves. This does make switching between heroes easy, but I would rather they each felt distinctive.

Marvel Heroes can pretty much be played as a single player experience if you wanted. The maps are huge and there is a story arc to follow. While you will get quests from a good range of secondary characters, your most likely interaction will be with your helper. There is an equally nice range of characters to choose from for this position (I have selected Domino below).


Some say bigger is better, the maps here would say otherwise. They are big and packed with enemies. A clearer map system would reduce the frustration I found when searching the zones. It also goes overboard on the number of different crafting materials. My stash was half full with all these things, and the small stash made this annoying

This is a good game, it is much better than I expected and I feel like it is respectable successor to what X-Men Legends was.

Julian has been involved in the games industry for more than a couple of years now, from working in retail to developing board games to judging Magic: the Gathering tournaments Australia wide. Now as a writer for OK Games he likes to explore niche titles that try to approach gaming from a different perspective. Now all he needs to do is start finishing all those games in his Steam Library...