Fallout Shelter: Quests Update – The Brief


Fallout Shelter‘s newest and biggest update to coincide with its almost one-year anniversary is exactly what this little mobile game needed. Previously, it was exactly what a little mobile game needed to be; a 10-minute a day play. Load it up, grab some resources, make some babies, complete some objectives, birth some babies, repeat the next day. But for a mobile game in the same vein as Tiny Tower or The Simpsons Tapped Out, it gets a little stale. But now this latest update has added some extra play time which is keeping me a little hooked.

The update has added a whole new system to the game: quests. Once you’ve got 18 or more dwellers working away in your vault, you can install an Overseer’s Office which will let your dwellers head out on quests. The update also includes a new form of currency; Nuka-Cola Quantum, which are somewhat scarce, and if you want more, you can buy as a microtransaction.


The quests themselves add some more to the game. You can now send dwellers out into the wasteland and travel with them as the reach their destinations. The quests you can send them on vary from random dailies to story quests, and only let in certain dweller levels and weapons. Dwellers you send out into the wasteland to scavenge like in the previous versions of the game can also come across things in the world like Super Duper Marts and Red Rocket Truck Stop where they can fight rebels or mutants, or find special dwellers to bring back to the vault.

Combat has been updated too, though it does feel a bit tedious when your dwellers are just standing there with a smirk on their face, getting holes blasted through them. You can direct your dwellers to whom you want to kill, telling them to all gang up on the boss or go every man for himself, and occasionally a yellow marker will come up allowing for a damage multiplier which if timed right can inflict some huge damage.

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