Cityconomy: Service For Your City

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Crashes are bad, M’kay! (And I don’t mean the vehicular kind…)

Cityconomy is… basically what the name says. It’s a city worker simulator slash RPG (yes, that’s a combination) developed by Nano Games, with multiple different “classes” to unlock later in the game. You start off as a garbage man or… crotchety old woman, and grab quests off NPCs around the city to boost your money, XP and customer satisfaction which you can use to unlock different skills in your skill tree like the recycling truck. As you boost your XP, you can also unlock the other professions such as tow truck driver or gardener.

It does give a nice variety to the simulation genre but it does also just add a whole lot of grinding so you can work your way to street sweeper or plumber. And by whole lot of grinding, I mean go and collect rubbish, hand it in… go collect more rubbish from somewhere else… hand it in… I mean, what did I expect? Exactly that.

But the grind isn’t the worst thing about playing Cityconony, and look, I completely understand that this is probably my computer* (which it shouldn’t be because my PC can run some pretty high-end games) but my first experience with this game is a loading screen.

A 1 min 10 second loading screen.

One minute.

Ten seconds.

While waiting, I poured myself a coffee, snuggled my kitten and got back before it even loaded. And now, I have to deal with this. My frame rate dropped to 14 FPS with all the graphical optimisations turned way down to low, and it jumps between low 10s to low 20s as you’re playing the game for no particular reason; I don’t seem to be the only person with this problem either.

The truck handling is below average at best and trying to turn corners while only using WASD without breaking road rules is just too much. Slowing down to turn was also an issue (perhaps on my part) as I would always overshoot a corner and end up Austin Powers-ing my truck between a sign and a lamp post.

The NPCs are annoying to deal with as they bank up behind you if you’re only slightly on the road trying to pick up the garbage bins and if you hit them, you get a fine, but if they cut you off and hit you, you also get a fine. Also, you manually turn on your indicators, having to pull your fingers away from the keys to press the square brackets, but if you don’t feel like using them (like real life drivers) you have no consequences.

I will commend the guys in the Cityconomy Team however for listening to all the comments mentioned in the Steam reviews. Patches come out regularly with fixes for most of the problems and add in features requested from players, such as adding getting a ticket for running a red light. Previously as I played this game, this wasn’t a thing but when I went back to it, it had been quickly added in via user request (meaning I got a few red light tickets, whoops).

The the mouse handling was also a nuisance as while I was trying to move around a garbage bin, the mouse would only let me turn a fraction of an inch at a time towards the desired location, meaning I sometimes had to crab walk around the truck then slam the mouse down in a annoyed frenzy to get my guy to turn toward the truck.

However, the biggest issue of all was the fact that when I was finally into the game after 30 minutes or so of getting used to controls, turning corners, using the handbrake and accepting the fact that my entire salary would go to paying my fines, the game crashed. And it did so 3 or more times after playing for 30 minutes or so, stating a Nvidia engine error. After the 3rd time, I went back to playing Animal Crossing instead.

*This shouldn’t be an excuse

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