Spin Rhythm Is the Rhythm Game I Never Knew I Wanted


I’ve never been into rhythm games. Frankly, I’m quite bad at them; I haven’t played the genre enough to work my mind around the different colours or instinctive button presses, and the music just ends up sounding like my dog howling for attention. Enter, Spin Rhythm by Super Entertainment, which I got to play at PAX Aus 2017. Here’s some footage of the game I discovered whilst lurking their Twitter feed.

Now I’m almost completely unversed in Rhythm games, or musical/DJ terms, so excuse my layman preview. Spin Rhythm requires players to rotate an onscreen mixer wheel to match the appropriately coloured notes that are streaming towards you. Aside from the two colours, you also have to tap the screen for ‘bass drop’ moments, and spin the wheel for ‘other nice musical sounding’ beats. On the stage floor, I tried both the tablet and phone versions, and they were a joy. There was also an opportunity to try out the actual Pioneer mixer set, but that isn’t the way I would be playing it in reality.


The controls were quick to pick up, and the electronic soundtrack had me bobbing my head and tapping my feet the entire time. I wanted to keep playing it, and I was encouraged to — thanks to the instant restarts which gave me that consistent ‘one more try’ feeling. After only 5 minutes of playing, I foresaw myself passing my one-hour train journey by with this marvel of a musical thrill ride.

With any luck, the game’s release will include a large variety of levels and songs, equally as gripping as those I played in the demo. Spin Rhythm is set to release in 2018.