People of PAX – LightGuardian, Spocktavius & Assassin Kaycee

Every year PAX Aus brings out the best and most dedicated cosplayers from all over Australia. For some, PAX is not about the games at all. For some, it is a place to partake in a passion that is not as easily accessible. For some, it is a place to showcase their incredible talents to like-minded game fans.

These are cosplayers.

We took time to highlight some of our favourite cosplays from the PAX Aus 2016. Here are what they had to say.

LifeGuardian, Spocktavius & Assassin Kaycee

My apologies to Spocktavius, as I was unable to find her Twitter. If you know her, please get her to tweet me @joshennor.


Age: 19, 20 & 32

Dressed as:

LifeGuardian: Evie Frye

Spocktavius: Lydia Frye

Assassin Kaycee: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

From the game: The Assassin’s Creed franchise

Josh: Why did we pick our characters?

LifeGuardian: She’s one of my most favourites, I love playing her in the game. She’s an absolute badass, probably one of the closest that I can relate to.

Spocktavius: I chose mine because its set in World War I and I really love military history and also she’s so cool. she like, climbs buildings in high heels and shit, it’s amazing.

Assassin Kaycee: Basically, I got into it because I am a bit of a historian buff! So I really enjoyed that it covered the renaissance and times periods surrounding that. Plus once again, parkour? Who could ignore parkour?

How long did it take to make?

LifeGuardian: This took about 3 or 4 months to make. Pretty much everything I’ve made myself except the gauntlet and the cane

Spocktavius: I ordered mine from overseas. There’s a lady who hand makes them herself and that took about a month. And I have a friend who does a lot of leathercraft, so I paid him to make this (her gauntlet) and he’s done an amazing job.

Assassin Kaycee: My costume is in a state of constant creation and evolution. I’ve been wearing it the last two years and it just keeps changing. I improve something, change something to resin or leather.

This is one a lot of other cosplayers have struggled with. If you could make any costume, with unlimited time, resources and skill. Who would you make?

LifeGuardian: Does it have to be a video game?

It absolutely does not!

LifeGuardian: It would be Valka from How to Train Your Dragon 2. That is the one outfit I would love to make.

Assassin Kaycee: Well, I really have two favourites. Captain Rex from the Star Wars: Clone Wars series in Phase II armour.

David (off camera): YES!

Assassin Kaycee: And of course, any other iteration of Ezio Auditore.

Spocktavius: For me, it would probably be, oh god, I don’t know. I have a lot of favourite things. It would probably be the Glass Armour out of Skyrim, if I could do that. Or probably a sort of Deathwing outfit from World of Warcraft. I love World of Warcraft and Jessica Nigri’s costume of Deathwing was just incredible. I would love to be able to do something like that.


Why we like it…

LifeGuardian, Spocktavius and Assassin Kaycee are some of my favourites from the day (I later found out that they were part of a HyperX promo). Their passion for their characters really shines through. Especially with Kaycee. To cosplay the same character for two years and to keep working on and improving your costume is something so admirable. It is real work of artistry. Both LifeGuardian and Spocktaviushave picked characters that speak to them. Video games and their characters can do a lot for people without really meaning to, they can speak to us in ways beyond their dialogue and it is clear that the Frye girls have spoken to these cosplayers in many ways. They should all be so proud of the things they’ve achieved. They are all marvellous costumes, I am excited to see what becomes oof Kaycee’s Ezio and Jessica Nigri best watch out, because these girls are coming for her.