PAX Aus 2016 – Ticket to Earth

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined a turn-based action game like XCOM, with a weird tile-based positional strategy game, like something I can’t quite think of at the moment? It would probably be Ticket to Earth, by Robot Circus.

Yesterday I was able to chat with the developers of Ticket to Earth, and given a chance to demo this up-beat, colourful and stimulating top-down puzzle-action game on iPad.

Ticket to Earth is set around a combination of enemy encounters which are strung together through a series of character storylines. To defeat each level, the player is encouraged to move across a tiled area by connecting colours to increase a damage multiplier. The squares also link to character abilities, generating what is essentially mana, which can then be spent on performing devastating attacks.


It didn’t take long for me to pick up the game’s fundamentals, and it was all of 5 seconds before I received gratification from taking the longest possible path to an enemy. Additionally, the game contains a range of progression paths; each of the four characters feature their own unique skill trees, and different abilities to take with them into combat. Alternate characters that possess ranged weapons and psyonic abilities also spice up the gameplay, and offer different approaches and methods of finishing the levels.

Ticket to Earth is extremely vibrant, and its sharply designed mechanics had me pinned; I felt satisfaction not just from winning the encounters, but through the interplay between art, strategy, and fantastic ‘wub-wub’ music. The game is set to release on iOS by the end of the year, with PC and Mac versions coming later.