PAX Aus 2016 – Retro Vision

Retro Vision is an indie game developed by solo-developer, Kyle McKellar. It was recently picked up as a PlayStation First title. Tucked away in the PlayStation booth at PAX this year. Which is disappointing, as it shone bright as a feature. That joke will make sense soon.

It is little arcade title that sends the you flying down a “death tube”. You collect coins and points as you go, an attempt to avoid obstacles that the game wants to throw in your way. It is score based and makes you feel great as you get “on a roll” soaring through tight gaps in walls.

It is a simple enough concept, in line with Entwined and Spectra. But what grabs you about Retro Vision is the music. A thumping baseline accompanied by some cutting synth as you plummet down the tube of lights. But the best part of it all? Procedurally generated music!

The worst part? It was absolute hell on my eyes. It looked great almost Tron-like. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t put sunglasses on to take a bit of the strain of my eyes. This speaks volumes about how good the gameplay, music and feel of Retro Vision are though. I mean, I changed something on myself to keep playing and lessen my discomfort.

It is a game that I would kill to have on a handheld and play on the bus. Buses that I don’t even catch. It’s a game that I would kill to have to ride buses so that I could play it on a bus. I have no idea if this is a possibility as I missed all my opportunities to have a chat with McKellar. I guess only time will tell.

Keep an eye out for Retro Vision on the PlayStation Store soon. And please, Kyle. Please think of the Vita.

Thanks to for our feature image. Check out their write up on Retro Vision here.