PAX AUS 2016 – Primal Carnage: Onslaught

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We stepped into the bloody world of dinosaurs at PAX Australia this year in Primal Carnage: Onslaught, the first VR game from the developers at Pub Games Studio. It was wildly popular, with booking times being booked out within the first 40-minutes of the show floor opening. It’s an action game where you must survive round after round of increasingly dangerous dinosaurs, earning more money and building an arsenal of weapons to help you on your journey.

Primal Carnage: Onslaught was showcased for the first time on the PAX Australia floor this year, and as you can see in the video above… it’s me! They streamed footage of attendees at PAX Australia live to their Twitch and YouTube channels. If you played the demo at PAX, you should be able to find yourself in one of their videos at PubGamesAU.

It’s an action-packed game with endless possibilities added as the game grows. I spoke with Director Chris Murphy at Pub Games about his passion in this project. The game has been in development for only four months and feels incredibly polished for the short time they have had. I played this game (as seen in the video above) and couldn’t believe what was possible. There was a moment where a small dinosaur ran at me. I actually picked it up and used it as a shield while pulling a pin out of a grenade with my mouth, before I threw it, in an epic action sequence.


The selection of weapons in-game can have a big impact on the outcome as they perform differently and have different abilities. For example, the shotgun is a high-powered weapon that deals a lot of damage, but with each shot, you must pump the action to reload as well as putting individual shells in at once. However, the assault rifles aren’t as powerful but have a high fire rate and you reload a clip by simply swiping the gun by your side.

I can see big things for this game as they add more and more potential and polish the game. You feel completely immersed as well as feel like you’re in an action movie fighting for your life.

This one is not for the faint of heart, perhaps make sure the old ticker’s fine first. After you do that, see if you can make it further than I did!