PAX Aus 2016 – Kept VR Demo



Kept is a game developed by the wonderful people at S1T2 (Story 1st Technology 2nd) and is being developed for the HTC Vive. Described as “A journey between worlds to free a forsaken soul”, Kept takes full advantage of the technology available. The VR title fully immerses the player in a non-intrusive way, allowing you to freely walk and interact with the world around.

The demo that we played at PAX Aus involves taking part in a forbidden ritual to free a forsaken soul. While the demo was understandably short, it looks and feels incredibly polished and gives an excellent taste of what is to come. The game flows well and does not have any tutorials or narrative explain what to do; You just explore and try things for yourself.

The art-style and soundscapes of the game are a favourite for me, taking inspiration from other titles like Journey, the developers have really made something special, and it is definitely a worthwhile experience.

S1T2 have been developing Kept for around 3 months which is impressive considering how well the game feels to play. The team are hoping to have the 1st chapter of Kept available in 2017 via Steam and possibly other platforms.


You can find Kept at the PAX Rising area, go check it out!