PAX Aus 2016 – HyperX Gaming Accessories

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Disclosure ‐ We'd like to thank HyperX for providing a tour to their booth, and we'd like to note that we were provided with a promotional unit of the Cloud Stinger Headset.

Earlier this morning, Julian and I were given a tour by the lovely chaps (obviously Julian has rubbed off on me) over at the HyperX Exhibition Booth. We were walked through their new — and old — product range, whilst engaging in a bit of a chat.


HyperX is a division of Kingston Technology. Previously, they had primarily built their consumer base around computer hardware, namely RAM and SSD’s. However, they have been promising cheap gaming chairs with outstanding performance for some time now. Since the success of their headset range (one million sold in two years), they’ve been branching out to other areas of the peripheral scene. For now, it’s keyboards, but they’re optimistic for further additions to their accessory portfolio!

First, we were shown their keyboard lineup, which began with Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboards, but has now spread to encompass both Cherry MX Brown and Red. If you like really loud keyboards, you’re probably going to have a good time with this one! They proport a smaller design than a lot of other keyboard manufacturers, aiming for a more convenient experience in playtime and transport than their competitors. None of these keyboards feature macro keys, and we were told that while they are looking towards implementing a few in their later ranges, it is not a priority over the more compact design.

Currently, the HyperX range of keyboards only features USB input for charging, and cannot be used for tunneling other devices to the PC. Similarly, whilst there is a red backlight, presently there are no other colours, but they’re aiming to increase this spectrum in 2017.

We were also introduced to the headset range, which is already well established. However, they’ve recently released the new Cloud Stinger Headset which they aim to target the budget-gamer category. On the way out we also got a brief look at their mousepads, all of which feature a sleek black design and come in quite a few sizes, maxing out at the full desktop fit.


If you want to look up the rest of the HyperX product range, check out their website here. If you’re at PAX and wish to browse their goods, their products are currently on sale at their booth at PAX Aus. They’re the one with the massive fake keyboard!

I would, however, like to point out their missed opportunity to make an interactive giant keyboard light party!