PAX AUS 2016 – GoatPunks


This year at PAX Australia 2016, GoatPunks by Studio Canvas made a return after a long year showing it off around the world. We had a chat to Alberto Santiago, the main man behind GoatPunks, again this year to ask how it’s faired over the last 12 months. (And if you’re interested in what I had to say about it last year… here you go!)

In case you’re wondering what GoatPunks even is, it’s a fast-paced up to 4-player King of the Hill Mountain, split-screen, action game where you will create rivalries. Don’t fight it, it’s going to happen. You pick the goat that resonates within your soul, climb your way up to the top of one of the 9-uniquly themed mountains and defend your mountain-top for 30-seconds like there is no tomorrow (otherwise, you fall back down the mountain and have to start again. Who wants that?)


Since chatting to Alberto last year, he gave us an insight to how his year has been while taking his game on the road. He’s since been to Tokyo Games Show 2016 in September, and SxSW in Austin, Texas in March. In fact, he won a couple awards and nominations there too! (Congratulations!)

  • Winner of Best Use of Game Physics, Intel level up contest 2016.
  • Best in Show SxSW Gaming 2016, Winner of Best Kid Friendly Game.
  • Editor’s Choice SxSW Gaming 2016, Party Mayhem Game/Relationship Ender.
  • SXSW 2016 Gamers Voice Award Nomination for Best Multiplayer.
  • Indie Prize Awards Europe 2015 Nomination for Best Multiplayer.

Since last year, he’s also added some new features to the game, as well as a bit of customisation to previous features. Last year, GoatPunks featured different goats with customisable weapons, but now, the 9 goats you choose from have unique abilities and attributes, including speed, shield, and weapon. They gave away these pretty sweet trading cards to emphasise your favourite goat’s characteristics too.


You can still pick special things off the mountain as you jump your way up, but now there’s a charge attack that you build up over time and can use to break through your opponent’s shields and create carnage on your way to the top.

While speaking to Alberto, we also got a little insight into the future of the game and where he wants to take it. He said he is in the process of adding four new game modes including survival, 2v2, capture-the-flag, and treasure hunt, which he hopes to add to the game in the near future. He is also looking at bringing online multiplayer to GoatPunks as it’s the more natural approach to multiplayer games on Steam, but that process is a little way off for now he is focusing on getting the new game modes out and getting it out to the public.

Be sure to check out their new Steam Page HERE!