PAX AUS 2016 – Forts

Brisbane-based EarthWork Games made their grand return to the PAX Rising floor this year, bringing with them their real-time strategy game, Forts! Does that sound familiar? It should because I covered the game last year too! Well, incase you missed it last year, Forts is a game based around… don’t make me say it…

It’s about forts. More specifically, fort building. You use the ancient Greek method of trigonometry (bracing your fort with triangular patterns to keep it strong, didn’t you pay attention in school?) along with the use of realistic physics to build yourself a kickass fort to protect your precious heart and cargo. If you build your fort using a weak base or framework, you can expect the enemy to bring you down in just a few shots. And don’t forget to use your creativity! I had a chat to Forts‘ artist, Nick Smith, I discovered that they’d added a lot of extra stuff since playing it at PAX Australia last year.

First and foremost, as you can see by the trailer, they’ve added some single-player campaign action. The world is on the brink of having oil no more and your faction must battle it out with those who want to fight you for the last drop. The campaign takes you around the world to multiple different countries, continents, and climates following three factions: the United States, China, and Russia. The campaigns also have objectives to beat, such as getting creative kills or winning without taking any damage.


Other features you can find are a Sandbox mode to build to your heart’s content, native mod support because some of us aren’t as great at creating bad ass forts as others, and a Map editor level so you can create challenges for yourself and your friends. Wait, did I say friends? I DID! You’ll also be able to play online with up to 8 friends (I don’t even have that many friends) divided into 2 groups, or you can group up to defeat the AI in the Skirmish mode and gain a spot on the global leaderboards.

Check out these screenshots!

Also, if you’ve got a Windows PC, you may be eligible to enter their closed beta! It’s on right this second up until 11:59PM PDT on December the 9th. Sign up HERE! Give it a go and help the guys at EarthWork Games out.

Forts is due to be released in Q1 2017.