Pax Aus 2016 – Dismantle: Construct Carnage

Dismantle: Construct Carnage” is a local-multiplayer arena brawler,  set in a fantasy tech world, where you can literally tear your opponents limb from limb in ludicrous deathmatches. You feel the effects of damage as you hop, crawl and roll your way to victory, using your own body parts as clubs, bombs and projectiles.

Within the arena, every part of your body can be destroyed and ripped from your body. The damage is localized, so the part of your body that is hit, is the part that will take damage. This lets opponents aim for specific limbs to neutralize each other more effectively. As limbs take damage they will visibly degrade before being torn from the body all together. Obviously, players that take damage and lose limbs will become more and more defenceless as the fight draws on, so once your legs are gone you will be left helplessly hoping around as a torso with arms.

The developers are from the studio “Great Helm” and have already managed to get the game greenlit!


Dismantle: Construct Carnage has a unique mechanic whereby you can pick up weapons placed around the arena, or use someone’s limb (once you have smashed it off their body) to smack people with. If you have lost your arms you will not be able to pick up weapons, or use your rocket launcher and grapple hook. And if you lose your legs, you must crawl around the arena. This adds more depth to the game and requires that players use different strategies to win the game — players pick their moments to jump in, and to stay away. Players are also able to reattach limbs which gives comebacks a bit more of an opportunity.

Once your robot is reduced to a torso, you can activate a self-destruct option and your body will explode. This damages nearby enemies but it can only be used as a last resort; you only have one life.

The Great Helm guys are looking to implement more features. These include: additional game modes including an AI based mode, intractable weapons and map hazard (such as falling damage).

One of the biggest problems faced by the team was competing with the other games in the huge local multiplayer market. They were really pushing for the local couch multiplayer scene, but feel that the community on steam expects an online mode, so they are looking to push the game online to attract a larger audience.