PAX Aus 2016 – Day 3, How Was It?

I. Am. Exhausted. We are exhausted. Everyone is exhausted! This was meant to be a 3-article series, but day 2 got a little hectic, and time was lost to an abyss of post-convention day beverages. This will probably be even shorter than my last article. What can I say? It turns out that similar things occur on different days in a convention! That being said, today was the final day of PAX, and unlike the more relaxed — i’ve got so much time to spend — Saturday, I came to a realisation: I can’t play everything.


I desperately wanted to see every game and talk to every developer. It’s the thought that you don’t want to squander the opportunity you’ve been given, that you should give people the credit they deserve. I did make an attempt, at least, to play until my eyes were no longer able to maintain focus on the screen, and my knees were suffering the consequences of my need to constantly shift weight onto one leg over the other.

I do owe a bit of due to the chicken and avocado focaccia, though, which did go a long way in providing enough energy to continue on. Also, what was up with those convention centre coffees? Only offering 2 sizes, and the large was effectively a medium. That just isn’t right!

By far the best thing about PAX for me has been the people. Putting faces to the names, and understanding the personalities that have fed into so many good games. And it’s wonderful seeing the faces of these developers light up when talking about their game, you can tell they care. Hell, Josh and I even went to the Ubisoft booth purely to speak to our PR contact, who is just a king at his job and deserved a thank you.

PAX Australia truly was a phenomenal experience, and even though it was accompanied by ample levels of stress and exhaustion, I loved every moment of it. If you’re tuning into the site, I hope you enjoy our content. There’s still plenty more to come!