People of PAX – Buddha Cosplay

Every year PAX Aus brings out the best and most dedicated cosplayers from all over Australia. For some, PAX is not about the games at all. For some, it is a place to partake in a passion that is not as easily accessible. For some, it is a place to showcase their incredible talents to likeminded game fans.

These are cosplayers.

We took time to highlight some of our favourite cosplays from the PAX Aus 2016. Here are what they had to say.

Buddha Cosplay

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Age: 21

Dressed as: Junkrat

From the game: Overwatch

Josh: Why did we choose to go with Junkrat?

Buddha: I started playing as him and thought you know what? Australian Trash-Lord, what’s not to love?! That, and he’s a really fun character to play.

So you’re a big fan of the game (Overwatch)?

Oh, I absolutely love it.

How long did it take to make the costume?

A couple of months, I hit Con-Panic about three months ago and I just did it everynight, I was making stuff for about 5 hours or so.

So this whole thing is custom made?

It’s all custom made!

Why do you cosplay?

I just find it fun. It’s such good fun to dress up as characters that you love being. That you love playing as, that you love seeing. It’s just a great experience and you get to meet a lot of really cool people through it.

Alright, and final question. If you could, regardless of funds, time or skill, cosplay as any character and have it be the perfect costume. Who would you be?

-Pensive pause-

That’s actually… I’ve never thought about it…

-Longer pensive pause-

You know what? Actually, I’d still go as Junkrat. If I could make the perfect Junkrat, with perfect everything, perfect wigs and all that. It would be my absolute dream.

Why we like it…

Buddha has absolutely nailed the Junkrat feel. You can tell from his pose in the above image that he doesn’t just look like his favourite “Australian Trash-Lord”, he has taken time and effort into nailing the poses and honestly, after speaking to him, it would not surprise me if he couldn’t nail that laugh too. It takes a lot to create such an incredible costume, but it takes even more to theme your entire self for three whole days. Everything from the explosive contacts, to his incredible gun (that I would not be surprised if actually fired [it didn’t, I asked]) was spot on. As a content creator, I know how hard it is to be 100% content with anything that you make. But I think Buddha has absolutely nailed his Junkrat.