PAX AUS 2016 – Buy Somewhere: World-First reveal

Buy Somewhere is Australia’s response to Pokemon GO – a new augmented reality location based game, which lets you buy and own properties that exist in the real world. The game is developed by a Sydney-based company and is compatible with iOS and Android. Set to launch in 2017, Buy Somewhere allows you to build your dream property empire using the most advanced geo-locational mapping ever devised. It transforms the entire world into a giant 3D game board!

Buy Somewhere was successfully debuted at PAX Australia after more than three years of development and exhibited the breakthrough location-based gameplay to an excited crowd. The demo showcased the game using the streets of Melbourne with famous buildings and landmarks – including the Eureka Tower – as properties which you could purchase within the game.

The Buy Somewhere team demonstrated a real-world example of their game and announced plans for a VIP closed beta in the coming months with a full worldwide release is set to follow in 2017. Those who made an appearence at their panel were presented with their first official live-action trailer (featured above). It shows how you can buy your dream house, your favourite café, a theme park or a museum while competing with family and friends for the ownership of real-world property. ‘Mr. Somewhere’ – the player’s guide and mentor – helps players on their journey to build their property portfolio. Players can build diverse collections, comprised of over 60 different property types ranging from small businesses to restaurants, or train stations to landmarks like the Sydney Opera House. Once you get your first real estate, you can start earning rent on that place, working toward buying more and more as you build your empire.


The great thing about Buy Somewhere is that the game doesn’t stop when you are at home. Unlike Pokémon GO, once you buy your properties and return home you still have lot you can do. For example, you can manage your properties by upgrading them in the right way to increase your rental income. Buy Somewhere Founder & Game Designer, Nick Griffiths, was glad to finally be able to share the game with the world, commenting,

“We’ve been in development for a long time. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. To us, games that have been released thus-far in this space didn’t fully realise the potential uses of location data. Today we’ve lifted the veil on what our vision of this has transformed into. That vision wasn’t viable when it was conceived 5 years ago – to use location data to make a game world that players would find delight in exploring. It was a moving target between the evolution of mobile hardware capability and that concept, but the stars have finally aligned and I’m confident we’ll change the standard for the genre.”


The team created an innovative challenge at PAX Australia 2016. The end prize was a limited edition badge and PAX Melbourne Exclusive game token card. To receive these collectibles you needed to play a card version of the game, and take over every property to build you own empire. To claim a property, you needed to beat the building’s defenses by rolling dice, starting from 3 defence and working all the way up to 40; you needed to roll bigger numbers. It was highly popular over the weekend and you often saw people chasing down the Buy Somewhere dice carriers to collect the dice used to play the game. (They were wearing the cheasts on their heads!)


Thanks to the team at Buy Somewhere, we have received four limited edition badges and card tokens to give away to some special fans who like and retweet this article!

Fans can look forward to more gameplay and feature announcements in the near future, plus their chance to access the Buy Somewhere beta in the coming months. If you want to apply for their beta, click HERE!