PAX AUS 2016 – Brief Battles


PAX Australia 2016 delivered the goods when it came to local multiplayer games, with GoatPunks, Birdsketball, Swordy, and Brief Battles as some of the highlights. The two-man Adelaide based dev team at Juicy Cupcake were nice enough to have a chat and allow us to let loose with the underwear rocking heroes of Brief Battles.

Brief Battles is an up to 4-player platforming multiplayer game all about using super powered underpants to take out the other players. While the colourful heroes of the game may differ in appearance, they all control the same to ensure a fair game. This is where Brief Battle’s most enjoyable element comes into play, super powered underpants! You could take out enemies with standard methods like slamming down on their heads, or you could join in the mad scramble to get the new underpants power-up that just dropped. These powered up underpants come in all different shapes and sizes. Some enable green goo to be fired, others freeze shots and even hot pants with flaming projectiles at your disposal. Check out the attached trailer for these in action. There are also underpants which give you negative side-effects but allow you to fire basic projectiles, adding another layer of strategy to the chaotic action.


The different arenas of Brief Battles are brightly coloured and well laid-out to encourage verticality. The movement around the maps is full of double-jumps, dashes and wall-jumps, combine this with the super powered underpants and battles will be taking place on every corner of the maps. It’ll be very interesting to see the map designs Juicy Cupcake will come up with, they let us know their will be multiple regions of maps with different play styles available at launch.

If you want to see some cool guys take on some explosive action, check out our friends at D1DLC have a bit of a play (as well as check out their glorious moustaches).

Brief Battles is targeting a release around May 2017 with PC a lock-in platform and an Xbox release hopeful.