PAX Aus 2016 – Birdsketball

On the PAX show floor, some games are incredibly intricate and sophisticated. Some games have hyper realistic graphics and a full orchestral soundtrack. Some games are simply fun in it’s purest form. Birdsketball sits comfortably in the third category.

Birdsketball is a couch co-op game from Waynetron, a solo-developer out of Sydney. The game is simple, you have to get the ball in the goal. The game is hard, because you just can’t get the goddamn ball in the Goddamn goal.

While all the other birds are just trying to steal it from you.

You shoot it in a panic and it just goes in the complete wrong direction.

You just can’t get it to go where you want it to go.

The goddamn bird just falls out of the sky.

You were too focussed on trying to stop the other birds from getting the ball.

You forgot to flap.



It has a simple enough control scheme, the same button that shoots when you have the ball, tackles when you don’t. One of the presenters told me to think of it as:

“Asteroids with gravity”

It is a wonderfully fun little multiplayer title that should be considered among the ranks of Nidhogg and Gangbeasts in terms of “Hey, I have friends around we should play…”. The 2v2 aspect and the ability to create your own maps from within the game itself are incredibly welcome additions to what is otherwise a pretty feature-light game. However, the beauty of Birdsketball does not lie in it’s in-depth gameplay kit. It lies in its pure and simple fun.

It’s in Early Access right now over on Steam. But it launches in just two days!