OK Games is Heading to PAX Australia 2016!

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Hey, guys!

If you aren’t a super regular viewer of our social media or the site, you may be unaware that for the past few weeks, the OK Games crew has been gearing up for one hell of a PAX Australia! For some of us (myself included), this is the first time we’ll be visiting the famous gaming convention, and boy oh boy, WE’RE EXCITED! It has been a busy period as of late, so, sorry if the content feels a bit lacking on the site, we’ve just been putting most of our effort into making this year really count. I just thought I’d whip this article up to let you guys know what you will be seeing from us at PAX, as well as a couple of other goodies we have in-store.

So, first and foremost: We’ve set up our schedule for the week, including interviews and panels that we will be attending across all three days of the convention, and we’re pretty jam packed throughout! We haven’t fully ironed out the kinks of content generation, but we’re planning to have many, many articles going up for the games we will be visiting. In addition to our articles, we’ll be airing podcast, and potentially (hopefully) video content daily, to share our wonderful opinions to you guys! These will likely occur before Pancake Parlor visits, which may render us catatonic. Plans are also being made to capture game footage, so hopefully we come up with some nuggets of gameplay for you guys to digest. After all, there is 10 of us, so there should be a lot of content coming out of the site!

We’d also love to see you guys there! Our shirt has already been posted on the Facebook page, but if you haven’t seen it, you’re likely to quickly identify one of us wearing these bad boys:


We’re all lovely people who would love to have a chat provided we aren’t slipping and sliding our way to an appointment. We all have a lot of free time at certain periods to scour the show floor, so feel free to say hi!

If you’re keen on getting one of our limited edition Winston (it’s the site mascot if you didn’t catch that) pins, each of us will have a bunch to hand around throughout the show. Pin it on your lapel, wear it out to your next fancy gathering, honestly, it fits every situation!


Finally, we had an idea (although there has been some debate on who came up with it in the first place) to bring a social phone. This will be primarily for our Instagram and Snapchat stories. Each of us will have time to take it around and will be posting our unique snaps of paradise, so be sure to add us! The username is OKGamesAUS for Instagram and Snapchat. We’d also love it if you could follow us on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe to us on YouTube to keep up-to-date on everything. Lauren will be manning those stations and we love to give her a bit of social media affirmation!


So that’s it, I guess. We hope to see you there, and we’re really excited to bring some fun and interesting content full of our quirky personalities!