PAX Aus 2016 – ESL CS: GO Semi Final 1 – Athletico vs. Team Immunity


The first semi-final of the Australian & New Zealand CS:GO Championship at the PAX Arena was between 1st seed Athletico vs 4th seed Team Immunity. Immunity banned Cache and took Overpass, Athletico banned Cobble and took Train. Nuke and Dust2 were taken off the board, and Mirage was selected as the tie-breaking map. Athletico won the first knife round on Overpass and took the CT side. Even though Athletico took the first 3 rounds of the half, Immunity took the lead into half-time 8-7. Athletico secured the 2nd pistol round and soon took a stranglehold on the match taking the Map 16-12.

Moving onto Athletico’s map choice Train, Immunity took the pistol and the next 6 rounds before Athletico got on the scoreboard. That set Immunity up with a really strong economy for the rest of the half. This lead grew after forcing Athletico into another eco round. Immunity was dominant throughout the half and took a 13-2 lead into the change. Athletico took the 2nd pistol round and the following 2 rounds. Although Athletico did look stronger on the CT side, Immunity’s strength on Train was proven as they slowed the Athletico roll and evened out the series 1-1 with a final score of 16-9.

Mirage was the tie-breaking map for the 1st semi-final. Athletico won the knife round and decided to start on the Counter-terrorist side. They then took the initial pistol round, securing all 5 kills for just one death. Similar to the previous game, Athletico took a strong 7-0 lead before Immunity got onto the scoreboard. Immunity took the 6 of the following 8 rounds taking the half time score to 9-6 in the favor of Athletico. At 12-10 Athletico (in Athletico fashion) force-bought into the round after a pistol+armor eco round and took out Immunity on a full buy securing them a 13th round win. Soon there after Athletico took the 3rd map and secured their spot in the Grand Final to defend their title from last season.  Athletico plays the winner of Paralax VS Chiefs eSports Club at the PAX Arena from 12pm Sunday.