Dead Static Drive AKA “Grand Theft Cthulhu”

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Dead Static Drive is the game from Mike Blackney and Team Fan Club and it is bonkers.

An open world, isometric, cosmic horror driving game (if there is not a single word in that description that excites you then stop reading now). One in which you are thrown into a desolate world, 30 days before the apocalypse happens. Your mission is to drive cross-country and do your absolute best to survive while grotesque wyrms attempt to launch your car in a spinning vortex of death and giant shambling horrors attempt to crush you beneath their barbed spindly legs.


When thrown into the world of Dead Static Drive, you can feel the atmosphere immediately – even the single town shown in the 2017 PAX demo is dripping with tense Lovecraftian overtones and more character than a 6-year-old who hasn’t yet discovered the crippling weight of self-esteem. It sucks you in deeper than the tentacled beast from which its tagline draws its namesake.

During my chat with Blackney, we touched on the release schedule and I was given the very reassuring:

As soon as possible – but not before it is ready.

Which is good, as systematically, the game has a long way to go, and Blackney is the first to admit it. Stick around on his Twitter for a week or so and you’ll see him share the struggles he comes across as a solo-developer (in GIF form!) but the foundation of something wonderful is there. This game will hopefully release to the same acclaim that games such as Don’t Starve (a large influencer for Blackney’s survival direction) and The Flame in the Flood – but only once it is ready.

Dead Static Drive will be releasing on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One when it is ready.

  • Leela Ross

    It sounds interesting yet I would worry its going to be another rouge lite, I am feeling rather over those.

    Can you save and load?