Chromalocity Is a Challenging and Joyful Freerunning Experience

Chromalocity by Wrecked Angle Studios, was a sleeper hit of PAX Aus 2017 for me. Had it not been for a friend of mine, it would have slipped past my radar. But after sitting down to complete the demo, boy am I glad I gave it a go! Watch the trailer below so that my explanation actually makes sense.

Chromalocity is an addicting, colour-based freerunning game that had my heart racing the whole time I was playing it. The premise is simple, the player has a gun that shoots 3 different colours: Blue for speed, Red for bounce and Yellow for wall-running. The aim is to traverse the linear freerunning path before the timer runs down, without falling to your death.

The difficulty comes in remembering which button inputs create which colour ammo, and executing these shots quickly enough to breeze through the level in style. I discovered pretty early on that overthinking my moves was destroying my chances; I had to trust my instincts and focus. Given that failure is met with an instant restart, I was never taken out of the gameplay for long enough that I didn’t want to immediately push past where I was before. The music and its synthetic beat egged me on as I was sucked into a rhythm based trance. This game is fun, very fun.

Chromalocity is in Early Access on Steam, but its release is set for Q1 of 2018. You can follow the team’s Facebook page or Twitter through these magical links I provided.