ZOWIE Announces Celeritas II Keyboard

I love my keyboards, they come in all shapes and sizes and with many different types of responsiveness. I have keyboards from many different regions, many with their own key layout.

However, there is nothing like the satisfying tone of a keyboard with perfectly balanced keys. The smooth up and down movement and the clicks of a successful key press. That feeling when keyboard and hand feel as one is a pleasure that is extremely difficult to achieve. ZOWIE, a brand that specialises in producing e-Sport peripherals of the highest quality is back with a new entry in their keyboard range, and it is a genuine example of gaming gear for the professional gamer.

ZOWIE’s previous version of the Celeritas was well received as a fantastic addition to any serious gaming setup. This new version, the Celeritas II, will once again take the humble keyboard to the next level; it promises to bring with it the best performance for nothing less than what is required for a great experience.


The key features that aim to separate this latest iteration from the pack include:

  • Consistent keystrokes with reliable feedback and balanced travel distance
  • Higher durability – By using high quality iron springs it ensures more reliable behaviour and longer life
  • Optical switches – fewer points of mechanical contact increases the life, consistency and reliability of each key
  • Simple red variable backlighting

If you have not yet heard about optical switches, they are really quite cool. Rather than simply testing for mechanical contact between two elements, instead it uses light as the actuator for detecting button presses. This eliminates the chance of double button presses while enhancing long term behaviour and reliability. The Celeritas II uses this new technology to ensure that players receive the most responsive keyboard possible. If you cannot wait to get your hand on this new innovation, it will be available in selected Australian Retailers in June.

In the meantime, beyond just being a highly tuned device, it is also a piece of art, check out the images below to see it in its full glory:

celeritasii_front30celeritasii_top_right45 celeritasii_front45 celeritasii_topceleritasii_top_back