Zarya Heads to Heroes of the Storm

You are about to witness the strength of Volskaya.

Straight outta Overwatch. Crazy Mother Russian named Zarya.
From the gang called… Russian Defense Force?

And that, boys and girls, is why I became a games journalist and not a rapper.

Anyway, at Gamescom 2016 Blizzard announced the next update for Heroes of the Storm, titled ‘Machines of War’, which will primarily be a StarCraft-themed update, but will also contain the Russian Powerhouse Zarya from Overwatch.

The update, which will almost entirely revolve around StarCraft will also contain:

  • Two new StarCraft themed maps: Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction
    • Braxis Holdout is set on a Dominion-controlled planet that served as a weaponized Zerg testing facility and will feature a couple of beacons that, once you win, will unleash a swarm of Zerg at the enemy’s base.
    • Warhead Junction will feature nuclear warheads throughout the map. When collected and safely transported to your nuke, you launch nuclear strikes against your enemies.
  • Three new Machines of War themed skins
    • Queen of Ghosts skin for Kerrigan
    • Mutalisk-themed skin for The Butcher
    • Raider Rexxar
    • and Thunder Guard Zarya

For all the new additions, check out the video below.