Yakuza 0 gets Western Release Date

Yakuza 0 has been an eastern exclusive release for longer than I can remember. Or rather, I think I just forgot because I haven’t cared about the Yakuza series in a really long time.

But fans of the series will be absolutely stoked to hear that after a very long time (yes, that’s a better way to say it). Yakuza 0 is finally getting a western release on the 24th of January, 2017

According to developers:

“The prequel is set in the 1980s and lets players see what Kiryu and Majima’s lives were like as foot soldiers, long before they became the renowned yakuza we’ve seen in previous games.”

SEGA are performing the port of the title themselves, and will be releasing it exclusively on PS4 in the west. Previously, it was only available on the PS3