World of Warcraft: Broken Shore and Demon Hunter Storylines Live

Well it is official, Demon Hunters are out and the infection is spreading, fast. Below is what some Battleground group make-ups currently look like:


If you’ve pre-ordered Legion and are keen to try out the new Hero Class, Demon Hunter, go for it. The starting quest zone may take you around one to three hours to complete, and is pretty interesting; go check out my preview of them if you want to know more.

If Demon Hunters aren’t your thing, you can hop on any of your level 100 characters and complete the Broken Shore questline. It’s a quick introduction to the Legion’s invasion, and has quite a few really enjoyable cutscenes. Appearing along with the Broken Shore are ‘Invasions’, which unlock after completing the main quest-chain. Invasion hotspots spawn around the world and players can go there to halt the Legion’s advance.

During the invasions you will pick up a new currency which can be traded into a vendor for some ‘alright’ items and new transmogs. I recommend completing these quests and world events if you’re a returning player, as there may be useful gear to pick up in preparation for levelling in Legion.