Whale Hammer Games Launch Tahira

Our congratulations go out to local Canberra developers, Whale Hammer Games, who have just launched their first fully fledged game, Tahira. It is available now through Steam and GoG.


Tahira was formed through a successful Kickstarter campaign where they managed to inch over their $68000 goal. Since then, that is 2014, Whale Hammer Games have been busy beavering  (persistently platypussing?) their way though creating Tahira, a Banner Saga inspired medieval turn-based RPG.

Set within Eastern inspired kingdoms, Tahira tells us the takes the player through a new medieval dark age following the collapse of the Astral Empire. This once space faring civilisation has now starting exploring the depths of uncivilisation; it has become increasingly dangerous and genocidal. Acting as the guide to Tahira, a 20 year old princess of Avestan, you must go out and rally your people to stop the Empire from crushing the remains of the world.

Leading the charge in large-scale turn-based battles, you will chop, dodge, push and ambush enemies. At the same time you will be developing important relationships with your fellow man. Check out the trailer below to learn a little more about where Tahira will take you: