Well Placed Cactus One Of Five For Victoria Game Grant

On the whole, Australian Governments do a good job of handing out incentives to studios wanting to get into creating endeavours. While many offer money to movie studios, slightly less goes out to games.

There are states that do it though, most recently support is being handed out by the Film Victoria initiative; ” Games Assigned Production Investment“. This incentive aims to encourage more studios to develop games within Victoria’s boundaries.

One of the five studios that has been able to secure funding this time around is the small studio, Well Placed Cactus. This place has made a name of itself in the past by not only developing simple games, but large scale interactive features. One of their recent projects of their is a cognitive testing tool made for Revelian:

It is not this title that has got attention however, it is a new project that goes by the code-name of ‘Rebound’. We do not know all that much about this space game yet, but Well Placed Cactus have put out that it is a:

… mobile game [that] follows a space spirit as it sows the seeds of life on micro-planets, which have been devastated by a mysterious alien force.  The game partners casual mobile platforming gameplay with organic neon aesthetics. Each play session is short, but makes up part of a larger narrative within a visually rich and stunning world.

There is not currently a solid release date yet for Rebound, but Well Placed Cactus have dropped an unspecific “first half of 2017” for an Android and iOS arrival.

Rebound concept art

Rebound concept art

We will let you know when we learn who the other 4 winners of this funding are.