Welcome Big Brother In The New Game, Orwell

Over the last few years people have become increasingly aware of matters concerning privacy. We are becoming more aware that everything we read, everything we visit, everything we do is probably being monitored.

Our phones capture information like who your friends are, who you talk to and where you are and when. The amount of information corporations can gather just from gaining permission into something like location is huge. The same goes for the web. Every site you visit will (depending on your security settings) be tracked and logged for multiple years. The book 1986 by George Orwell is much closer than many people ever expected.

In an effort to extrapolate the potential future the Melbourne based Australian publisher, Surprise Attack Games, are building a game to show us a future, one where you will be doing the watching. You… we are always watching…

Their new game Orwell dives into this world of watching and being watched. You are one among many whose job it is to monitor the people around you, use the data that they may unknowingly release to the world. All to find suspicious people who may have something to hide. After all, we do all want to keep the crime rate at the lowest level it has ever been, don’t we?…!

The art style looks amazing and the premise looks very clever. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!