Watch_Dogs 2 Multiplayer Features New PvP Based “Bounty Hunter” Mode

While Watch_Dogs 2 will be sporting the seamless and cooperative multiplayer experience that we’ve been shown before, it will also feature a new PvP based ‘Bounty Hunter’ mode. Check out the trailer below:

Bounty Hunter is a seamless online mode that lets players hunt down other hackers when they attract too much police attention. The sole purpose of the players on the hunt is to take down the target, while the player being chased has the goal of breaking their pursuers’ line of sight and escaping.

Succeeding in the Bounty Hunter mode, for either side, will net you new followers (essentially the currency for unlocks in Watch_Dogs 2), and increase your multiplayer score. Hunters can be eliminated by the target, however, players will continue to be streamed in until either the hunted person escapes or dies.

To trigger a bounty, players must either cause a high level of chaos to force the police chase to spill into other players’ games, or start the hunt manually on the in-game phone by hacking your own wanted status. All multiplayer modes can be turned off.


Additionally, the hacking multiplayer mode from the original Watch_Dogs is making a return (with a few tweaks for the better), and the seamless co-op mode will come with specific missions not connected to the campaign storyline. The full description of the modes can be found on the UbiBlog Post.

Watch_Dogs 2 will launch on the 15th of November for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.