Watch Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Press Conference Right Here!

Running from 5pm to approximately 6:30pm is Sony’s TGS Press Conference. Tune in live right here or over on PlayStation Japan’s YouTube Channel.

The English stream is currently kill… hoping to be back online soon?

We’re back!

Nevermind, turns out it’s just a restream of the Japanese stream! At least we can pretend we know what’s going on!

Tune into the Japanese stream in the meantime.

We’ll add links to everything as they become available!

  • So far we’ve seen Dagonrompa, some golf game and some Kingdom Hearts 2.8.
  • Nier: Automata looks freaking sweet.
  • Now it’s a new Earth Defence Force? (wat?!). Man, Japan is weird.
  • Hey! A new Fortune Street! That is a cross between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest though…?
  • Nioh is launching on the 9th of February, 2017
  • A new Ninja Gaiden x Toukiden x Atelier game coming 2017
  • a PSVR montage shows Bound, Dagonrompa, Resident Evil 7 and a slew of other titles
    • A PSVR game that highlights human interaction…
    • Oh, it’s a tutoring game…I knew that…Summer Lesson
    • My goodness I don’t even know what’s going on
    • But it’s a VR game apparently
    • I’m not sure, but I think that was a Resident Evil music video in VR?
    • Japan is so weird and I love it
    • OH! It’s a Japanese band’s new song that is being released in 360-degree VR, and has something to do with Resident Evil.
    • AnywhereVR because the idea of living in Virtual Reality isn’t scary enough. Now you can do all your household tasks, but in a place that isn’t real!
    • Additional preorders available for the PlayStationVR! Potentially only for Japan, but we’ll let you know.
  • A whole bunch of new features (including PlayStayion Now) coming to PS4 in Japan (ones that won’t come to Australia)
  • Small children love video games, apparently
  • YEAH! Cool Japanese RPGs. Now we’re talking!
  • This translator seems very unsure of herself.
  • This better be Kojima.
    • Kojima explains the meaning behind Death Stranding as the act of whales and dolphins stranding themselves on beaches.
    • The overall theme of the game is about that connection between two worlds.
    • It will be an open-world action game, with elements of freedom.
    • Will play in 4k and HDR
    • We will get some more information at TGS on the 19th!
    • Goodbye Kojima-san
  • PlayStations events are for people who are good and bad at games.
    • That’s nice.
  • Gravity Rush coming to PlayStation Plus tomorrow, in celebration of Gravity Rush 2‘s upcoming release
  • And in true PlayStation fashion, they’ll end with a TV Commercial…for…themselves…