Watch Out, Werewolves Are Now Within

Coming out today for both Vive and Rift is the new Ubisoft game, Werewolves Within. This is a modern take on the classic Werewolves game, also frequently known as Mafia or Jinrou. In it you must lie and manipulate the people around you in order to secure your life and walk away at the end of the evening. Of course, most of the manipulation will be happening from the Werewolves. This is largely because they want to eat you. A small prize eh…

In the past I have noted that I have played this style of game already, and that it is such a charm to enjoy. The subtle challenge to mislead and encourage misinterpretation rewards leaps of logic and keen observation. All I can say is that I am quite excited to jump in a eat some friends. Check out the trailer below!

Werewolves within is available on Steam now for $40.