Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Leaked by IGN

According to some marketing material seen a tad early on IGN, it appears the sequel to the 2014 – let’s say mixed reviewed – game of the same name will be coming out on the 15th of November this year and will be based in San Francisco, as you can see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Watch Dogs 2

This news comes ahead of Ubisoft’s “Hello World” announcement for the announcement of Watch Dogs 2 (yes, I meant to say that), on Wednesday, June 8th at 6pm CEST (Thursday, June 9th at 2am AEST. Set your alarms!) It also seems Watch Dogs 2 will be featuring a brand new protagonist, looking a little younger to the previous Watch Dogs protagonist, Aiden Pearce. Fresh is good!

This is all we’ve got now! We’ll bring you more Thursday!