VR Comes For Minecraft

A little bit of me feels sorry for Mojang. Since they have been bought out by Microsoft they have found Minecraft slipping out of favour. This is largely due to its continued use by Microsoft to push Windows 10 adoption. The problem for them has been that this mobile adopted version has never really shown itself to be any better than the regular edition. Trying to push mobile onto the desktop space has not really won a huge number of friends.

That said the latest update aims to try and win some attention back to their system, back from the regular non-Windows 10 systems where people are able to play with mods all they like. This official support likely comes due to competition from Vivecraft. Vivecraft is a free mod that is available to anyone who owns Minecraft. It is works across all VR systems (it uses openVR) and the Vive. This alone makes the Rift only offering from Microsoft seem much more like a marketing move than genuine attempt at offering a good VR experience.

As the Windows 10 version of Minecraft VR is Rift only it means that there is no room scale and the only movement technique is that from the controller thumb-pad. Vivecraft’s latest update, on the other hand, brings Roomscale teleporting and a range of other movement techniques. It is something which feels far less nauseating than other movement types that simulate the regular flat screen control schemes.

So I suppose it is good that Mojang and Microsoft have started looking into the VR space… but without a shadow of a doubt, if you have any VR headset, I would recommend Vivecraft. If it just a much better experience that is also available to everyone. It is built in a way that makes the VR far more immersive, choosing between roomscale, standing or seated, and having Vive controllers mean you actually control your hands. It is unquestionably the best of the experiences.

Your announcement comes too late Mojang, someone already does VR better than you, that is the benchmark you now have to beat.