Victorian Game Grant Backs Help! I’m Haunted

Not too long ago, word got out that the Film Victoria Initiative were helping fund Australian video game creations. Among the seven that are receiving aid is Sky Pirate Studios‘ Help! I’m Haunted. A “2D platformer about busting ghosts in Neo-Transylvania, upgrading your unlicensed arsenal to battle a crew of monsters led by Dr. Victor Frankenstein.”

We don’t know too much about the radical little title coming out of Australia, but we do know that if the audio featured in the above trailer is anything to go by, I’ll be playing it to death.

Help! I’m Haunted is coming “Soon” to iOS devices. We’ll keep you posted on it here at OK Games, but you can check out Sky Pirate Studios on Facebook and Twitter, as well as signing up for their mailing list here.

Support these kinds of endeavours and who knows, the Film Victoria Initiative might just make a habit of giving some support to more and more independent Australian developers (or games journalists *cough cough*.)