Valve Might Be In Some Hot Water Over Illegal Skin Gambling

Counter Strike:Global Offensive creators Valve, might be facing a class action lawsuit over “illegal” skin gambling. As we all know, skins are cosmetic changes to the stock guns in CS:GO. The rarer the skin, the more money its worth. These items can be sold on the Steam marketplace, and real money can be withdrawn from the Steam account or they can be sold to third party websites for cash.

According to Connecticut man Michael John Mcleod’s lawyers, “Valve has knowingly allowed an illegal online gambling market and has been complicit in creating, sustaining and facilitating that market”. Players can log into these websites (which we will not mention here) with their Steam ID’s and add the skins to the “pot”. There value is added to the total prize pool. The value of the item will give a percentage chance of winning the entire pot in a winner takes all scenario.

According to the lawsuit, “The plaintiff and members of the proposed class were injured as a direct and proximate result of the defendants illegal activities”. Due to these websites being unregulated the question is also raised about the legitimacy of the activities. Many big YouTuber’s have gotten in on the fun streaming the gambling process too, but if this lawsuit does come to fruition the lifespan of these videos may be very short.

No comments have been seen from Valve at this point in time.
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