Valve Makes Oculus Touch Work In Steam VR

The VR war is one of stark contrasts. Oculus and Facebook chase money with exclusivity and barriers, while Valve and HTC instead opt for inclusiveness and openness.

The latest hug to be thrown by Valve is that of a recent update to the Steam VR environment. There are games here that will work with Oculus, but Steam VR and the room scale experience has been largely influenced by the Vive.

However, Steam has gone out to practice what it preaches and now as updated it VR environment to work with the Oculus Touch controllers. While these are not currently available for general purchase, it goes to show that they are willing to bring in as many games for as many people as possible.


As a side note, what can also be seen in the picture above (as tweeted by Daniel Nyberg) is that there are also two tracking units visible. This looks like it might be a move by Oculus to try and expand the scope of their rift into more of a rounded VR experience.

Check out this video showing off the beta stages of this new patch.