Valkyria: Azure Revolution is Coming to PlayStation Vita

TL;DR: Valkyria: Azure Revolution is launching on the PS Vita alongside the PS4 in January 2017.

We have not heard much from Valkyria: Azure Revolution this year. The last thing we reported on was its trailer being released back in November last year.

But here we are, nine months on, like a fine pregnancy, we have more news! And it’s the best possible news because it involves the Vita defying everyone’s expectations and getting another title!

Take THAT Mum!

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be launching on both PS4 and PS Vita in January of 2017, start the search for that little handheld now, friends! We all know how long it could take!

  • D’arcy Morrison

    is this going to be turnbased like chronicles or action?