Ubisoft Does VR – The Offerings

I have now been playing with VR for a few months. I like to think that after some of the earlier attempts of locomotion, that things have improved. While not everyone will be forced to relive breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are still enough to mean that player movement in VR needs to be handled carefully. As such, I have no idea how anyone in their right mind could possible think that making Trackmania into a VR title would be a good idea. For the love of sweet corn, won’t someone think of the carrot!

Ubisoft have 4 different titles heading in the direction of all 3 current headsets. These are those titles…

Eagle Flight

People have wanted to soar like birds for longer than I can remember. A lot longer than I can remember. VR has allowed people to take on an entirely new perspective for flight. Fly though the city of Paris, treat it as your own playground. Soar around the Eiffel Tower, buzz the Notre Dame, and enjoy many of the narrow and winding streets. Naturally, it is not all roses and abandoned buildings. As an eagle, you must still defend your territory.

As much as I am concerned about potential motion sickness, I think this game looks gorgeous. I really want to give this game a fair go and try zooming around the streets. The smooth movement with more reserved cornering speeds should help minimise the risk. It is something that we will still have to try before we can be certain.


Star Trek Bridge Crew

This is the big franchise tie-in-game. Bridge Crew puts you into the role of an officer of the Federation. The fate of the ship and the crew will all be down to you and your colleagues; you are all in this together. This co-operative game has you exploring a region of space called “The Trench”. It is a place of beauty and Klingons, much like the starboard bow… You are tasked in charting the sector with the long-term goal of securing a peaceful Federation presence.

This is the centerpiece co-operative game. As far as we are aware, so far there is no scope for PvP play to occur. That said, the current plans seem to include a great deal of content with fair opportunities for genuine communication and co-operation. The last game that I feel really pushed this facet of gaming was Portal 2. I am glad to see it back on the table. Even as someone who is not so familiar with the Star Trek franchise, I am excited about this game.


Werewolves Within

I remember back in the old days I used to play Werewolf/Mafia/Jinrou. There were always about 12 or 14 of us. It was the most amazing experience of communication as a critical element of gameplay. It forced roleplaying like few other experiences. As an added bonus, it was always easy to learn. It was just that it was super hard to play well. To see this translated into the digital space through VR is something which excites me far more than any other game on this list.

While the Werewolves Within may not hold the same scope as the original game, (only coping with 5 to 8 players) I still feel that this game, which is all about misdirection and mistrust, will shine in a world where personality is as powerful as the eventual lynching. This is a game about the people, any everyone is for themselves.


Trackmania Turbo

Finally, one of my most favourite games of all time. I spent way too many hours playing not only the previous titles, but Turbo itself. We even have a review where I claim that it is still an awesome game. There is nothing like the speed; the out of this world track and the crazy stunts that you pull all the time. It is amazing on the flat screen. Even as a die-hard fan, I have to admit that I hold some reservations around the potential risks associated with this title.

As I mentioned in Eagle Flight, forced movement can cause motion sickness. The more rapid the changes in acceleration or the faster the cornering, the more to disrupt the balance between what you see and what you actually feel. Trackmania will for many feel like you are going through an extremely violent roller-coaster on a boat in 10 meter high seas being attacked by the Kraken. In other words, I am a little concerned. This is not to say that I will not be giving it a go. For you, my readers, I will try, but I feel that for those who are more sensitive this might be a game to stay away from in VR.


These are Ubisoft’s games. I am quite excited to get my hands on all of them to see how the turn out. In the meantime, Ubisoft has put together a good trailer showing off the graphics of each title. You can also get more details about each of these games from their website. Enjoy the film!