Tyranny’s Latest Dev Diary Explores Artistry

Sometimes, evil wins. Happy times can only be had by a few people, generally those with the power. We have already looked at Tyrannies character creation in an earlier video, and we have also looked a little at the world in their first dev diary, this time around Paradox is giving us a sneaky peek at the artistry of the game.

Artistry includes everything from animation to music and everything in between. This video gives us fantastic perspective on what was required to create this dark world of victorious evil. There are muted colours, there are fewer happy people, and trouble lurks around every corner.

The various beasts that you will encounter are also shown to us and the way their animation was created was also explored. The biggest surprise to me was the existence of an opera singer as a character. I am quite excited to see how that plays out as bards are traditionally weak in these style games.

I am very excited about Tyranny and I want to give it a go. Where do you all think so far?