Tyranny Has A Release Date

Tyranny is a game that we have been following quite closely over the last few weeks. There were a couple of gameplay videos that covered the core game mechanics, as well as a few dev diarys that talked to the design process.

The new information that rolled in a couple of days ago was all about the most import part of the game development cycle, the release. The date that we all will be able to get our hands on this new title is the 10th of November, this is just a little less than a month away.

To celebrate the announcement Paradox have brought out a new trailer for us all to enjoy:

Pre-orders are also available for all three versions. Yes, three. The Commander Edition is the cheapest option at USD$45. It comes with the game and a couple of cosmetic goodies. The Archon Edition is priced at USD$60 and adds a few in-game and out-of-game cosmetics. There are a few other digital benefits too. At the top end is the Overlord Edition. At the whopping USD$80 this version brings with it a digital artbook and a digital guidebook. Two things which are actually quite nice to have. The chart below shows how each of the three editions.


You can check out the full announcement on their blog.