Transport Fever Shows Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

What is it with all the games that are coming out over the next few weeks? Transport Fever put out its dates a couple of days ago and Tyranny followed quite close behind. These two titles will be taking up more than their fair share of my time.

This time around Transport Fever has announced and presented two important things. The first of which is the impending release date, the 8th of November, and the other is a new trailer.

As is standard practice for games, pre-ordering is now available. To try and encourage people to spend their cash  they have offered a couple of additional discounts. The game is due to be priced at $40 and those who pre-order will get 10% off. As an additional reward for those people who own the previous title, Train Fever, they will also get an additional 15% off. This means that you can get a chunky 25% off if you buy before the 8th.

Meanwhile the new gameplay trailer shows off what the games endless mode will end up looking like. It is not a long video, but it gives a quite good idea of what to expect.

There is some super interesting stuff that comes out of that video. For example, when dealing with bus routes, busses will automatically adapt to the number of other vehicles on the route, spreading themselves out to get the best coverage. Additionally, bus lines can be smartly upgraded into tram lines. There is no need to create new stops or build new roads. That all happens automatically.

There is so much about this game that I just want. You can learn more about it from either some of our older posts, or from the Transport Fever site itself.