Transport Fever Reveals Second Set of Vehicles

As I have said many times in the past, Transport Tycoon is one of my favourite games ever. There were lots of different forms of travel and many strategic decisions to be made. Transport Fever, the follow up from Train Fever, is leading the way for a modernised version of Transport Tycoon.

Naturally the range of vehicles is very important in a game like this. They all have different benefits and costs and, most importantly, they all look different. A couple of days ago Transport Fever announced the second range of transport options entering the game. Highlights of this update include the German, 103 engine with it’s iconic curves and the modern Be 5/6 Cobra tram. Beside these, amongst others, there are a couple of new very early street cars. Many iconic machines are making their way in, I am excited to see where it goes. The detail on these models is astounding.

This is a game that I am excited to see where it will go. Train Fever proved to be a well engineered game with a great deal of strategy. I hope that this game can live up to that too.