Transport Fever Finishes Plane and Boat Launch Lineups

Transport fever is a game that has been on my radar for more than a little while now. Planes, trains and automobiles have always grasped my attention, I just cannot get away from their grasps. In the past I have reviewed bus games, and I have spent more than a reasonable amount of time in Train Simulator.

We have covered some of the previous announcements where new vehicles were announced. We also showed off the Gamescon trailer. I still have to have some reservations about this latest post.

A significant range of vehicles is critical for a game like this, especially where they aim to cover a wide time period. Many people are concerned that the total number of planes launching with the game adds up to 10. Even for me I feel that this is a small number. That said, this game will be coming in with Steam Workshop support. The community will be able to boost this number. It does not stop me wondering where some of the greatest planes of this century are, there is no A380, no 747. It is also worth noting that all 10 of the aircraft are passenger fits. I would like to see a couple of cargo planes added to the list.

MS Zürich boat

This is not a cruise ship.

This is also true of the boats, there are a total of 13 boats making up the completed list, of these 6 are passenger boats, leaving only 7 for cargo. Once again, these numbers could be bolstered by people on the Steam Workshop, but it means that there might be more than a few people waiting for the mods to stack up before diving in.

All that said, the variety in trains is still amazing. There are currently about 44 different options, with the same again in choices of rolling stock. The same is true of the road vehicles, there are upwards of 20 different choices across light-rail and other road going forms of transport.

You can check out the fill list of announced vehicles on Transport Fevers Vehicles page.