THX Acquired by Razor

Razor is a gaming accessory brand. THX is an audio powerhouse. When their powers combine, what do you get? Zombies? Sound with an edge…? Certainly not a Haloween trick. Regardless of what you think you may get, it is now what we have.

So what would one of the worlds biggest gaming accessories makers actually do with a company that is more about the sound than the gaming? According to THX it is all due to the power of their patents and the skills within the Audio-Visual sphere.

They believe in the incredible collection of world-class audio-visual engineers, software developers, product leaders, and industry experts that make up THX, as well as the team that supports them operationally.

Moreover, we have a comprehensive set of intellectual property that we continue to exploit, along with an A-plus brand (in terms of recognition and sentiment.)

-Ty Ahmad-Taylor (post)

Currently both operations will remain separate entities. Each company will be able to share certain resources with the other to promote and further develop the sound and gaming markets.

The biggest take-away for Razor will be that of the patents. This will allow them to further improve the quality of their accessories like the Man O’ War headset (which we will be putting out a review of soon) and other audio focused devices.  The biggest winner will be THX who hope to start releasing their own sound based gaming accessories. That may just mean headphones and speakers for now, but that could expand into more specialised devices like sound cards in the future.

You can read the official statements on the merger on:

THX: The Medium or THX Website