There Will Hopefully Be Three Seasons of HITMAN

The episodic nature of the new HITMAN game has been very surprising. Before its release, the staggered release didn’t inspire much confidence. Fortunately the reception to the game from critics and players alike has been pleasing as all hell. But if you’re like me, you may be waiting until all the episodes are released before you pick it up. Before that happens though, there are three locations left including: Thailand (which I reported on earlier last week), the United States, and Japan.

But what happens after this season is over? Well logic suggests there will be another one, which was confirmed by the official HITMAN twitter account in the following tweet:

The perhaps ‘hasty’ tweet prompted a follow-up post on the Square Enix forums, where Community Manager, Chris Murphy, clarified the current goals of IO Interactive. Murphy stated that:

“we planned out an intricate storyline that spans across several seasons, and our ambition is to continue and unfold it with future Hitman games. That being said, our whole focus and attention is without a doubt on Season 1 right now, providing the very best Hitman experience possible. It’s far too early to talk about what’s next, before we haven’t even finished this journey. We really want to process all our learnings from Season 1 from every possible angle. Only then we’re in a good and solid position to think and talk about what’s possibly in store for the future.”