THEORY: New Overwatch Map Set in Germany?

Could we be travelling to Germany in the next Overwatch map? Recent findings suggest we may just be!

Previously, over on the Overwatch subreddit, a user, xArDDe, data mined the sound files in the game and found some interesting stuff. I mean, a lot of stuff. Most notably for this theory was a line Reinhardt speaks, just like other characters when they spawn in their homes, seemingly about his last place in battle: “Many of my comrades fell in battle here. May they rest in peace.”

However, more recently, a little before the Olympics theme, another Reddit user, Venxa, data mined Overwatch’s patches to patch and found the familiar voice of Athena stating: “Travelling to Eichenwald” (after some thoughts that it was Aitkenvale).

So, along with the data mined lines of dialogue for other characters suggesting other maps, like an underwater map, Korean map, or even a Moon map, yet Eichenwald seemed to be the only map that continued to be present in later patches.

I mean, there’s not a lot to this theory but it’s a theory nonetheless!

Pack your bags for Eichenwald!